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Surviving the Hard Times


These days, times are definitely getting to be really tough for a lot of people. Although, the situation is not as bad for some as it is for others, it is pretty fair to say that at least a part of most families across the nation has been affected by the failing economy.

If it hasn't hit you and your home, or your pocket book, that is great, but there are certain things that all of us need to know in order to survive in these times of economical crises. If you still have your job and your income has not been affected, consider yourself blessed indeed, but also know that at any time, you can very easily be affected by the decline in economics and joblessness.

When such a rate of unemployment of near 10% nationwide, and sometimes higher, depending on the location you live in, it is evident that problems are on the horizon. People who have worked all their lives and made a comfortable living for themselves and their families are losing jobs all across our country. This affects not only their homes and families but also affects the prices of the commodities that we all have become accustomed to.

When companies have to cut back on expenses, it not only means cut-backs in employees, but it also can cause production to decline within the individual companies.

When prices soar as they have been, it causes difficulties in purchasing supplies needed to produce items that we all have become accustomed to. When trucking companies have to cut back on their employees, that means less trucks will be on the road to deliver the supplies, and shelves that have supplies still on them will begin to see increases in the products that are stocked on them.

It is like a snow ball effect....when one thing increases, it also causes something else to increase, and where it stops, we are not sure. It is most assuredly gonna get worse before it gets better.

Things are changing in our world so fast that it is actually hard to keep up with. But, with that being said, it is important that we all make a concerted effort to keep as informed about what is going on around us as we can be. The ones who are making our laws and enforcing them have a big impact on how each of our lives will be affected. We see people suffering financially, physically, and spiritually all around us.

We are each and every one responsible for ourselves and our families, but we need also to be aware of problems that our friends and neighbors have too. We need to learn how to help one another in hard times.

This all looks like it is something that is happening in the 'natural', when actually it is all being "played out" through the spiritual realm. When the devil can get to you through finances, loss of jobs, loss of homes, loss of food, loss of income, what eventually leads to a loss of hope, then he can get to us not only financially, but through the stress of all of it, it will lead to oppression and then to depression, and it will pull us down physically, and in the process, it will pull us down spiritually.

We have to learn how to survive in these times. When at all possible, we need to stock our pantry shelves with non-perishable items (and lots of it)..enough to not only feed our own selves, but enough to even help out through the community. Christians need to realize that we MUST go through some of these things, but that it is our responsibility to help ourselves, but also one another.

We need to form groups and get together at least once a month, and devise plans in which to determine how to be able to survive. We need to learn how to grow big gardens, gardens big enough to feed whole communities. We should all work together to get this going and to be able to take care of it. Possibly, some of us will have the land to plant it in, some might have the equipment needed, others may have the finances to purchase the seeds, some may have the time and health to tend to these crops, others may know how to put up these food items and others may even have the facilities where the food can be stored.

If churches and communities, as well as whole families will work together to get up all the food supplies that is possible, it will make it much more comfortable for all of us to live. Some of us may have timber that may be cut into logs to use to heat homes. We have to learn to share what we have. Learn to work together with all those around you. Start looking outside the box, as they say, for a 'better way'...a way that will not only help you, but others as well.

We, as Christians, need to realize that the bad times are beginning, and that through our faith in Jesus Christ, we will be able to make it by trusting in Him. But, we can also do things as I've suggested to begin to set up a plan whereby we can all benefit.

It used to be that the "church" would help the community and the needy in the community....we have many of us gotten away from that practice, and most have decided that they can make it on their own, and a lot of times, we don't even consider what our fellow Christians might be in need of.

It is time we change our way of thinking, and learn to share with others our ideas and try to accept changes in our lives as best we can. I believe all these things have to happen before the Lord comes, but He also has given us a mind, and we need to pray for wisdom to help us to get through these necessary, but painful times.

Learn all that you can about what the Bible tells about the last days, as I believe that we are definitely living in the last days, and in Matthew 24, Jesus Himself told us what to look for. Those of the world, and not Christians, won't see it it this way. They close their minds to these things, and think that it won't affect them and theirs. BUT!!! It WILL!!!

This is not a gloom and doom message, but one of 'warning' I might say, as when the economic woes hit our homes, it would serve us well to know where to begin to get our families through the terrible times. After awhile, the unemployment benefits will stop, but many jobs will no longer be there, and when the fuel gets so high that it is not real feasible to ship food to our stores, and the bank forecloses on our homes, and there is no shelter for our bodies, nor pillows for our heads, we need to know WHO to turn to.

His name is Jesus Christ, and He died on the Cross on Calvary for you and for me, and wants each of us to accept Him as our Lord and Savior.....He has already paid the price for each of us!! Turn to Him, and get involved in your local community and church, and let's make sure that everyone has a way to get through. It eventually will get better, but until it does, we ALL have to work together!

If nothing else, get 'out there' and tell others about Jesus! Help to bring in the harvest! The time is now...the time is right! This is the hour in which we need to be 'being about our Father's business'!!!!

May God richly bless you and yours, and give you super-natural insight in ways in which to help not only yourself, but also your fellow man!