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Thanksgiving '08 Newsletter

This is the time of year that most all of us set aside for the Holiday known as Thanksgiving here in America!

Families, for the most part, set aside this time for gathering together to be with one another and to be thankful for ALL the blessings that God has bestowed on their families, as well as on each and every individual in that family.

Sometimes, we get so focused on the all the good things that God has done for us that we don't focus on the bad or unpleasant things that have happened to us and ours.
Sometimes, these BAD things that leave a 'bad taste' in our mouths or pain in our hearts, can be blessings of God.

Of course, we are ALL thankful for the good health of our loved ones and ourselves, for that matter, and we are glad and thankful for new additions to our families (babies) and we also our thankful for the blessings in our finances and the material things that each of us have acquired.

Some, unfortunately, just expect these things, and have been taught this way, and some are more thankful to GOD as they have learned that all things belong to God, and that "All things work together for the good for those who love Him......."(Romans 8:28)
A lost of us, I'm sure, think of this Scripture and define it to mean that when something great comes our way, it is because we love the Lord, and we serve Him.  Well, that is certainly true, but there is another way in which to look at it, and most of us, haven't even thought about it all in this way:

GOD BLESSES HIS PEOPLE IN THE BAD TIMES, AS WELL AS THE GOOD!!!!!  You see, we believe that the enemy of our souls cannot do ANYTHING to us unless either we, or God, allows him to.  We believe that when Christians (and this happens a lot to Ministers) are talked about and people tell lies about them, and persecute them with their lying and deceitful tongues, God will bless us even more.   It is NOT GODLY to talk bad about ANYONE, least of those, God's "anointed"; and when there are people of the world out there talking bad about or putting down an anointed of God, or a person that is living for God and doing their very best, then, God is blessing that person.  We are a blessed people if we are facing persecution from those of the world.

You see, we feel and believe that BEFORE we were serving God, that the enemy never came at us and accused us of 'not being saved' or not 'living right'. . . .. because we were serving him as our master instead of God.  There are only two masters. . . . .God and Satan.  Yes!! there are Satan worshippers out there who are actively and consciously serving him.  But, there are many, many more that are also serving him if they are NOT serving the MOST HIGH . .JESUS CHRIST!!!! Jesus is the only other Master, and when we serve Him, we consciously serve Him, and make an effort to do so, and we are not ashamed to let others know that we are.

One of the saddest things about all this is that a lot of times, there are people in other Churches that will put down Pastors, Preachers, and people of the congregation of another church because they don't necessarily agree with what a particular church teaches and believes.  Sometimes, even, people in our own churches put down the Pastor or one of the leaders, and don't even realize what they are doing......Still, it is NOT of God to do so.  I am here to tell you that if a person does these things, whether he/she is a "church-goer" or not, it is NOT of God, and it is OF the Devil, and there is no other way of putting it.

God will bless His people, as the Bible tells us that He will.......We are a blessed people, as we are blessed 'going in' and blessed 'going out'.  Blessed, anywhere, everywhere, wherever we may go. . . . we are ALL children of God, but when we are living an overcoming Christian life, we are joint heirs with our brother......Jesus Christ.....and that means that all He inherits from God, we do likewise!!

It is exciting to be living today and serving the Most High God and being joint heirs with the King of Kings, and when we are talked about and put down, and lied on,,,,,,,we just thank God that He is blessing us. . . . .these people know not what they do--mostly--and the ones that do don't care about their own souls, if they know anything about the Word of God.

The Word of God says that we are Blessed, and we choose to believe that, and we can see the blessings pouring in...........we just know where to look for them.

Take a moment at this time of year.....the season for Thanksgiving......try to see yourself as God sees you. . . . . . .Are you blessed as you see "blessed", or are you "blessed of God because of all that you do for Him?"  Are your righteous lives causing you to be blessed.......or is it, rather, that you are serving the wrong master, and he is deceiving you with you with riches, and things?

Think on these things, and determine within your heart today to be one of God's Blessed, and not only live a happier and fuller life here, but can look forward with great anticipation to the "life hereafter, living for all eternity with the Lord".

Again, we say