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He Who the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed

Something That's Called FAITH

Jesus told us in the WORD that we only have to have faith that is only the size of a mustard seed, and we will be able to say to our mountains to be removed, and they will move. (paraphrased)
That, I believe, is not just a literal mountain, but all those things that so easily beset us are mountains to us because sometimes, we don't know how to get around them, or to get over them, or to work through them.  Sometimes, we just cannot do some things on our own.
That is when we MUST have that faith--only as much faith as the size of one tiny mustard seed.  Just think about how much more we can do when we have more faith.
The way that we develop faith is to study the Word, then be in prayer every day, and to believe and to expect, and we will begin to see things happen.
In order for us develop our faith we need to not only study the Word of God, but to have a knowledge of the Word of God, and once we begin to study regularly, we are more in a position to tie all the Scriptures together.  We will begin to work, walk, and live by God's Principles that He set forth in His Word.
Not only do we have to KNOW that God is always there, but we have to have enough faith to believe that He is always there.  Once we have that faith, then nothing shall be impossible to us.  The Scriptures tell us that "with God, nothing shall be impossible to us".
We each have to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling.  In other words, each of us have to work out our own relationship with the Lord, and only the Lord and each of us know where we are IN Him, and where HE is IN us.  Once we get to know Him, our faith grows, and grows, and then we are in a position to help others with their faith. 
You see, we will know more of the Word, and we will begin to pull things together from the Word, and also we will have gone through some different hard times, etc., and we will know how to help others in their walk with the Lord.
We each were given a measure of faith, and God gave us all our own will.  That means that we are capable of making our own choices---God doesn't make anyone do anything.  That is why He said in the Word in Deuteronomy, that we need to choose life or choose death, but that He'd rather that we choose life.  You see, it is all up to us.  We CHOOSE for ourselves.
There are those who will say that God is good--well, that is true--He IS good!! They, sometimes, will go so far as to say that they don't think that God will send anyone to hell.  Well, you know what!!!!?????He won't!!!!! If we go to hell, it is because we chose death instead of life.  God is a legalist and He must perform and follow His own Word, and when He spoke something, He also has to abide by it, and if He said it, then that is the way it has to be!!! Don't you see---He wants us to have the faith to believe that He IS, and that He always has been, and still is today, and always will be.
This is one of the places where our faith must 'kick in'--we have to have the faith to believe that God IS!! Once we believe this, then we get it down in our spirit that He is real, then we can go on and walk with Him to complete the purpose that God intended for us.
You see, I believe that He knew each and every one of us before we were born--actually, before we were in our mother's wombs, because we are a spirit in a human body.  We came from spirit, that's what God IS--a Spirit--and when we die, we go back to spirit!!
Now, I realize that we have put quite a bit in this message, and there are some that will disagree, but everything in this message is in the Word of God.  Can't find it????? Well, that is all a part of studying, and searching, and then once we are taught, we will have a working knowledge of His Word.
I can tell you, firsthand, that those things that I once thought impossible, are not only possible through Jesus, but some of those things that seemed impossible have come to life in our lives.  We have seen it with our own eyes.  We have lived it in our own life, and even as I write this, God is working out more things in the spiritual realm for each of us--they just have not manifested yet in the natural.
We have seen lives put back together after people have been completely overtaken by drugs, alcohol, prostitution, depression, divorce, generational curses, poverty. . . . the list goes on and on.
He is REAL. . . . . .He is very REAL . . . . and He is just waiting for you faith to 'kick in'. 
Won't  you trust Him today to do a mighty work in you and your life?  If you don't know Him, now is the time to get to know Him and to start living today in the promises of His Word.