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Spiritual Warfare - Lesson #4

Spiritual Warfare Lesson #4

It has been quite a while since we have written a lesson on Spiritual Warfare. One of the reasons for that is that we are in hopes that most of you have read and re-read the prior messages and understand what you must do BEFORE you even begin to proceed with a battle in the spiritual realm.

Now, as you read this lesson, please keep in mind that we must ALWAYS pray to GOD! Always pray to GOD, NOT the devil or any of the evil spirits. Many people get caught up in their so-called battles in spiritual warfare that they are found praying to the wrong spirit!!! NOTICE HERE THAT WE DID not CAPITALIZE THE WORD ‘SPIRIT’. We must remember that we NEVER, EVER, pray to the enemy (that means satan and/or his evil workers/spirits).

You see, we ALWAYS pray to our God, and our Lord, and ALL things that are done in the spiritual realm is done ONLY through the Spirit of GOD!. All things!! Jesus said in Luke 10:19 that He gave us power over all power, and He did, but we can only deal with these other powers through the name and blood of Jesus Christ!! The ONLY time that we should EVER address anything in our prayers (and again, that is in the name of Jesus) is to rebuke the evil spirit/spirits that have been sent to harm us, or to bind up all the evil ones that are attacking us, our families, our health, our finances, etc. But, it is ALWAYS the blood of Jesus, and through the name of Jesus Christ that these evil spirits can be dealt with. ALWAYS!

There is a great lesson to learn about the seven sons of Sceva in Acts, Chapter 19 in the Bible . . . . the 7 sons watched as their dad cast out demons, and so they decided to try their hand at it, and the enemy (spiritual enemy) totally beat them up. That is the same thing that will happen to each of us if we try to deal with our spiritual enemy without having our lives lined up with the Word of God, and are totally acceptable unto God. This is the reason we are ever so careful to caution you in this area, and is the main reason for the first three lessons regarding the Spiritual Warfare.

Now, we have our message here on the Website and those of you who are interested in this Study should have already read and re-read our message entitled, “Binding the Strongman”. (If you have not, please stop right now, and read it and make sure that you understand it totally before proceeding any further.

In the spiritual realm, our enemy (satan) has his kingdom set up much like a government here is set up. There is always a ‘head’, and in this case, that would be satan, but then he has minions (evil spirits/workers) that are beneath him, and they come totally under his authority and rule. Whatever he tells them, they have to do, and then they have others who work under them. Every time the orders come down, they come down through and from the ‘strongman’. The devil has his workers placed in positions of authority to release other workers to be sent to individuals to kill, steal, and destroy all they can in that individual’s life.

We must understand that there are many, many of these spirits, and they are very experienced at what they do---this is their job, and they are very ‘good at it’. Not all spirits will be able to do as much harm with some individuals as they can with someone else. You see, we talked earlier how when we are born, there are two spirits released and assigned to each of us. God sends each of us a guardian angel, but satan always has a ‘copy’ of what God has, and he sends a spirit to each of us, also, and that spirit becomes what we refer to as our ‘familiar spirit’.

Now, with that in mind, you need to realize that that so-called ‘familiar spirit’ is with us ALWAYS—when we eat, when we sleep, wherever we are, and he knows everything there is to know about us. He knows our likes, our dislikes, our weaknesses---EVERYTHING! Now, when the devil wants to really interrupt things in our lives, he will use whichever spirit will work best in each individual. In other words, the ‘familiar spirit’ will know where we are weak, where are the most easily tempted in the flesh, etc. So, when the enemy starts to wreak havoc in our lives, he will use whatever spirit will be best at getting the ‘job done the quickest’. For instance, if one is particularly susceptible to the spirit of alcohol (just using this as an example) then he will dispense someone to go to that person who might actually be drinking and will wreak of the smell of alcohol. That, in itself, might cause one to be weakened and want a drink. Maybe he would send a spirit to cause something to happen that would cause an individual to have to go around places where the alcohol is being served. You see, he works through our flesh to tempt us.

To explore this further, it is reasonable to say that someone who does not drink alcohol, and has never been affected by this type problem, the “spirit of alcohol”, would most likely be of not effect; but we must also realize that whenever a person has had problems with being able to control him/herself in that area, it would be very easy for that ‘spirit’ to tempt him/her.

We have said all of the above to make an effort to cause you to realize just how the enemy works. There are lots of ways….he sends spirits of affliction, spirits of infirmity, lustful spirits, murdering spirits, spirits of jealousy, spirits of envy, tormenting spirits……and the list goes on. We must realize, however, that anything that has come about in our lives, or manifested here in the natural, has come from the spiritual realm. There is a battle raging in the heavenlies against us, and at the same time, for us. That battle is being waged for our very souls, and it is between satan and God. God will release His warring angels to go to battle for us, as we pray and ask for His help…..satan uses his evil spirits to set up the thoughts and strongholds in our minds to begin a process of destruction. The battlefield is really in our minds, but it is being fought out FIRST in the spiritual realm.

Now, there are those of you who will think we are ‘way out there’, ‘weird’, ‘kooks’, ‘nuts’, and all those type words, but the reality of all of it is this……
There IS a spiritual realm, and there are evil spirits, and they work for the devil, just as there is a Spirit of God. All these so-called ‘spirits’ exist in the heavenlies. No!! We cannot see them, we cannot feel them, nor touch them, but that does NOT mean that they do not exist. No one has seen God and lived, and God is Spirit. He is in heaven……God is Spirit, heaven is in the spiritual realm. Satan is a spirit, and he lives in the spiritual realm

Jesus totally defeated satan on the cross. PERIOD!!! There is one thing, though, that EACH of us must know and to remember……..the devil cannot do ONE thing to ANY of us unless we allow him to!! Remember, he was defeated on the cross!!!!! Now, see it this way……….he was defeated when Jesus died on the cross, and said, “It is finished”. That should have settled it, but satan is still ‘trying to convince all of mankind’ that he is not defeated, and that he can do these things. You see, he uses people, circumstances, sickness, relationships, etc., to convince people that he is capable of doing different things.

He DOES come at us with problems, and uses different ones of his workers or minions to bring about confusion and chaos in our lives. That is his job!! In John 10:10, Jesus said Himself that the thief (satan) cometh not but to steal, kill, and destroy!! He will continue to ‘try’ to wreak havoc and destroy and interrupt our lives in any fashion that he can, BUT notice….WE HAVE TO ALLOW HIM TO DO IT!!

This is one of the reasons that it is so important for us all to be saved, and study and pray and get as close to God as we possibly can. When we are walking where are totally acceptable unto God, then we will know the truth and the truth will set us free!!! (John 8:32) Then, John goes on further in John in the 36th verse of the same chapter, that “He Who the Son sets free is free indeed”.

You see, these last few statements are as important to this lesson as any we have written thus far………The Prophet, Hosea, said in Hosea 4:6, “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. Folks, that is us…we Christians!!! God’s people die because they don’t know!!!!! I pray that as we write this lesson, there will be those of you who rejected this type message will open up their spiritual eyes and ears and hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying this day!!!!

Just because we cannot see, hear, taste, feel, or touch the spiritual realm does not mean that it is not there. To think other wise is totally not so!! The enemy (satan) would have you to believe it doesn’t exist. This is one of the ways in which he will take (or cause many, many people to die and go to hell with him)…..he is very convincing…..the Bible says that he is cunning, and he even comes as an angel of light(2 Corinthians 11:14). We must open our eyes and realize that he is after our very souls. We cannot see the air either, nor can we see the wind, but nevertheless, it is there—we breathe the air for our very life—that breath of life was breathed into us when we were born by the Spirit of God---We cannot see the wind, but needless to say, it destroys, and sometimes kills as it moves among us. It is the same way with the spiritual realm. People, we must live by faith!! Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God!!!(Romans 10:17) That is Scriptural!!

Don’t just take our word for it…..look this all up in your Bible. If you don’t have one, go out and buy one…..it will be the best money you have ever spent. Spend a few more bucks, and pick up a good Concordance, or purchase a “Where to Find it in the Bible” Book, and go from there!! Look up these Scriptures for yourselves. Know what you know because you have learned them, and because you have teachers who care about you. Ask questions and get the answers that you so rightfully deserve.

Whether we realize it or not, we, each and every one of us, are already in a spiritual battle………we must know the Word of God in order to fight our spiritual enemy . . . .that is the way that Jesus defeated when He was tempted by satan…….BY THE WORD!!!!

We are trusting that this lesson has moved you some closer (much closer, if you have studied it all out) to God, and you will be more in a position to move into the next level of fighting your spiritual foes!!

May God bless each of you who read this, and we welcome your comments, and will answer all questions that we receive regarding this matter. We back up all our lessons and teachings with Scripture.

Let us hear from you!