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Spiritual Warfare-Lesson #2

As most of you who read this lesson will know, Lesson #1 was to make certain that those of you who are interested in engaging in Spiritual Warfare, or who are wanting to learn more about this subject, have a close relationship with God. It is very dangerous to try to deal with spiritual entities without the full armor of God.
We cannot fight the things of the spiritual realm with our flesh. Anything that is being done in or through the spiritual realm MUST be dealt with or battled IN the spiritual realm. You will see when you look at Scripture in 1 Corinthians 2:14, how things in the natural do not ‘mix’ with things in the spiritual. It simply says this: “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness to him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.” I quoted that Scripture to emphasize that unless you are ‘born again’, you will not understand the things of the spiritual realm. Those who are ‘born again’, and are filled with the Holy Spirit are more capable of understanding those things that are spiritual in nature.
As we have said before, a lot of people will not even acknowledge there is a spiritual force in operation in their lives. In Hosea 4:6, the Prophet Hosea said, “My people perish for lack of knowledge”. They do not understand a lot of times because they have not been taught. Of course, there are those who simply REFUSE to believe it. We cannot help them much except to pray that God will open their spiritual eyes and ears to the TRUTH.
Now, with all that being said and true, we want to begin to teach on things of the spiritual realm so that we can build up to a teaching and/or teachings on the actual act of doing battle against the evil spirits, which is what is called Spiritual Warfare.
We must first acknowledge and understand that God is Spirit, satan is spirit, heaven is in the spiritual realm and satan and his minions (workers or helpers, which we call evil spirits) are in the spiritual realm. No—you are right!! We cannot SEE it (the spiritual realm). We cannot!! That is one of the ways that satan uses to convince those who want to reject the fact that he even exists. He convinces them that he does not even exist, let alone his evil spirits that he uses against us. He is a liar, the Bible says he is the father of lies. He convinces people that because they cannot see them, they cannot hear them, and they cannot touch them or smell them that they do not exist. What a lie!! You cannot see the wind either, nor can you see the air that you breathe, but it is STILL THERE!!! It is the same way with the spiritual realm and those things OF the spiritual realm. You MUST admit and understand that to be able to grab hold of this teaching that we are entering into.

Also, many times, we hear people say something like, “I don’t believe that because satan was defeated on the Cross—Jesus defeated him”. Yes!! THAT is TRUE!!! BUT, they don’t look any further . . . . . satan was and is defeated, and he knows that he is, but he is still trying to deceive people by his lies and trickery, etc., that he either does not exist as they are choosing to believe, or that he has not been defeated. Either way, if we believe that sort of lie, then he has us where he wants us. If we believe that he was defeated and he cannot touch us under any circumstance, then we are in trouble. You see, the truth is that unless God allows him to do something to us, or unless we, ourselves, allow him to do something to us, he can’t. The thing is, he and his workers are so good at what they do, they lie to us, they tempt us, and they cause us to do things which actually ‘open doors’ for them to come in and interrupt our lives.

Now, the “open doors” is a subject in itself that we will be studying a little later in another lesson, so don’t concern yourself at this point about what they are. We will explain as we go along.

The devil is very good at what he does—after all, he has been doing this for a long time. What the battle is really all about is that God and satan are fighting for each of our very souls. Satan uses the evil spirits that he has at his disposal to tempt us, lie to us, scare us, deceive us, interrupt us, accuse us, and oppress us . . . . . .and the list goes on and on. Anything BAD always comes from the enemy!!! God, on the other hand, uses His angels. The more prayers that are sent up to God, the more of His angels He releases to go to battle for us and whatever we are petitioning Him for. Remember when Daniel was praying and it took 21 days before Michael came to bring his answer, and Michael told Daniel that his prayer was heard in heaven when Daniel prayed but Michael the Archangel told Daniel that he had to fight the Prince of Persia before he could get his answer to him. Folks, that battle was fought out in the heavenlies---in the spiritual realm. It is the same for us today. There is a battle still raging in the heavenlies today—a battle, as we said, for our VERY SOULS!

It is our intention that, through this series of teachings, that more people will be aware of the spiritual realm, how it operates, and how to come against all the wiles (trickery) of the devil (our enemy).

The battlefield is really in our minds. That is where all of it starts. The devil starts by putting thoughts in our minds, and as we listen to those thoughts, they begin to build up what we call ‘strongholds’. You must realize what a “stronghold” is . . .it is a place, like a wall, put there so that nothing or no one can get through. That is why that if satan can convince us through his deceiving lies that he does not exist, then the real and true Word of God cannot get in, or is very difficult to penetrate the ‘stronghold’ that satan placed there.

The different spirits that satan uses against us each have names. There are several attributes to even one spirit—as in the spirit of let’s say, bitterness—along with it can come such ones as hatred, anger, resentment, rebellion, jealousy, envy . . . a lot of bad things!! Actually, the spirit of bitterness is very bad—it just keeps eating away at a person until it just consumes him/her. This is just an example of what we are saying.

As you can see, one just leads to another. Sometimes, the enemy will send more than one of his minions (evil spirits) to attack a person---you see, whatever it takes to pull someone down, or to pull them away from God, or away from a Pastor who is teaching the TRUE WORD, or away from a church and all that God has for them, then THAT is what the devil will use. The same thing will not always work with one person as it did another. Different things will upset one, when it won’t another. One thing might tempt one of us, but not the other one. We are saying all that to say this . . .Whatever has worked against you in the past will also be thrown at you again and again, trying to pull you right back into it. Always!! For instance, a person that never smoked would not be bothered by a spirit of nicotine coming to that person and causing them to actually smell cigarette smoke. But, on the other hand, if a person who smoked for years, and has quit smoking, the enemy might send a spirit of nicotine to that person and cause that person to actually smell the smoke, or strategically place a person who DOES smoke right there. That is how he tempts us and tries to get us back into his sin!!!

Some of you will say that you don’t understand how you can smell the smoke if it isn’t there. Well, these spirits, a lot of times, though you cannot see them, or touch them, you will smell them. Like we say . . . . .WHATEVER WORKS!!

A lot of things that happen in our lives that we consider to be happenstance are things that happen for a reason . . . a reason that comes to us and against us from the spiritual realm. This is the only way that the devil has of warring against us. . . . but ever since Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden, he has been lying to and deceiving God’s people.

There are evil spirits at work each and every day against each and every one of us. Satan is trying to kill each and every one of us, and to take as many of us with him to Hell as he can. If he can convince us that he is not real, that he does not exist, and there are not such things as evil spirits, then he can also, a lot of times, convince us that we are not sinning, that we are Christians ‘because we go to Church’---things of that nature, and he will win a lot of people to go right along with him to his DEMISE---a place called Hell!!

We do not want to give you more than you can understand in each lesson, so we will close this one, and next time, we will get deeper into the things of the spiritual realm and how they operate. It will take a few of those lessons to be able to teach all about them BEFORE we can begin to help you and instruct you in how to actually ‘fight’ them.

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