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Intro to Understanding Spiritual Warfare

This will be a series of teachings. . . . . there will be several, and it will take several lessons to fully get through this. The time it takes to gather the information and get it printed for you will be based upon the response that we get to these studies. We will be watching our e-mails for your responses, and we also check our ‘counter’ on our Website to determine which of our messages and teachings are read the most.

As we enter into our Spiritual Warfare teachings we want to emphasize that some of our information would be considered general knowledge to some, while to others it is totally unheard of. We’ve stressed that to say that we are aware that some will enjoy the teachings and learn from them, but others will either rate them as basic. Yet, others will scoff and not believe.

To those who choose to not ‘believe’ we would say that while you stick your head in the sand, your tail feathers are taking a chance of being burned. What we teach and preach we know to be true -- we’ve experienced a lot of it in our Ministry -- or God has revealed it to us -- or through researching different ‘trustworthy Ministries’.

Yes, there are those out there today who we believe to be ‘way out there’’; but even with that being said, the devil (who we like to refer to as the enemy) would have some of us to believe that NONE of it is true. That is one instance where he comes in and starts building up strongholds in people’s minds through a thought process called a spirit of unbelief. You see, we actually choose NOT to believe something and because of our choices, the enemy is more able to “deceive” us and in the process of accomplishing that he begins to cause us to look at things from a different point of view, which takes us off focus of the real way we were intended to see it.

You see, we must realize the battle starts in our minds, through our thought process, which is made up, to begin with, by one simple choice. It comes down to this -- we make a choice, today, whether we’re going to close our eyes and not accept ANY of it, or open our eyes and keep them open long enough to make a choice resulting from knowledge we’ve learned from people who’ve actually been affected by and encountered these situations or circumstances. It’s a CHOICE, but to close our eyes and ears and our intellect can be a very drastic, and yes, sometimes, a fatal mistake!!!

We ask that you pray that God will reveal to you those matters HE wants you to know and to learn. The info you receive in these teachings is going to be absolutely necessary for us to be in a position to fight our adversary in these last days. We’re coming against, or are about to, some of the most powerful, most deadly (spiritually, and sometimes naturally) entities that man has ever encountered. The end is so very near and the battle is intensifying -- our enemy (the devil) knows his final demise and it is his intention to take as many souls with him as he can.

There are prayers that we ALL can say that will help to protect ourselves, and our families from the enemy. We do not believe that rituals work, but we KNOW that prayers do. Throughout our teachings, we will give you some examples of prayers that you might pray for your protection, but we do NOT want you to let them become a ritual in that you repeat them over and over and over. The examples that we give will be simply THAT!!!---EXAMPLES. You will need to learn by them, but at the same time, you will need to learn how to change them, but use your OWN words EACH time that you pray.

We need to stress that God can hear our prayers with the faintest whisper, and HE can read our thoughts. The devil and his minions CANNOT!! Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are actually face to face with the enemy and you find a need to pray, you may slightly whisper the prayer---the Lord will hear, and believe me, so will the spirits that are sent to destroy!!! A lot of times, a person will be in a position to move to another room or area and pray very quietly just under his/her breath and bind the evil spirits, or rebuke them—whatever is needed!! Sometimes, you might not want the person or persons you are with to hear. Remember, our fight is not with those people---it is with the wickedness in high places, and powers of darkness, and rulers in the heavenlies. Keep in mind that they have been sent to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10) and they will use anyone that will allow them to. A lot of times, people do not even realize that they are being ‘used of the enemy’---but, we must stress, that most times, neither will they believe it or accept THAT to be true---Hence, the reason for going to a different area to pray and to bind and rebuke them.

As we get further along into the study and teachings, you will learn more how to recognize the different spirits and know which ones they are and you will learn how to deal with each individual one. There are many, many of them, and not all of them will attack all of us. Only the ones that the enemy feels will ‘work’ for each of us are the ones that he will use. In other words, what will work with one individual might not affect another individual. We are all made up differently, and different things will affect us all in a different manner.

We back up our materials with Scriptures, and we endeavor to explain everything that we teach in a way so that everyone can understand it. We do want to emphasize again, though, that in order to understand these teachings, we, each and every one, must have our spiritual eyes and ears open to receive those things that are spiritually discerned.(1 Corinthians 2:14) The natural mind will not understand this teaching and will find it foolish, but the spiritually-minded person will.

We would ask now that each of you that are reading these teachings to pray that God will give you the desire and the wisdom and the discernment that it will take in order to understand these spiritual matters. We pray now that God will protect each and every one that reads these teachings with His mighty protective arm and keep each of you protected and safe from the enemy as you endeavor to learn more about Spiritual Warfare. We ask, God, for You to place a hedge of protection around each and every one who read these teachings, as well as us as we prepare and present them. In Jesus Name we pray. AMEN

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