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Planting Seeds For Our Needs

Planting Seeds For Our Needs
Rev. Fred & Donna Ping
Feb 20 2007 01:21PM

There are times when all of us have needs, and sometimes, we just don't know how in the world we are going to be able to meet those needs. There are principles which God has set up in His WORD for all our needs to be met!! He is God in the bad times the same as being God in the good times!
He said in the WORD in 3 John 2, "Beloved I wish above all things that you prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers".
When He said that, THAT is exactly what He meant!! For our soul to 'prosper', we have to be saved and walking in the kind of life that is acceptable to God. God's Word is true and we can ALWAYS count on it, but we have our part to do.
This message is not a popular one with many, as we have read many messages and heard many people say that we are no longer under the "law" but under "grace", which is true. But, we believe ALL of God's Word and if He didn't mean what it says, it would not be in the Bible. We believe that both the Old Testament and the New Testament is relevant to us today. The Old Testament has set up a lot of principles for today's living, as well as prophesying the coming Messiah, and there is a wealth of information in the Old Testament, which gives us instruction and information which will make us stronger, healthier, and rules by which we can live a better life.
Some people would like you to believe that you have to be broke, disgusted, all down and out and so on to live a righteous life. Not so!! They will tell you that MONEY is the root of all evil. No!! It is the LOVE OF MONEY that is the root of all evil. Refer to 1 Timothy 6:10. The enemy who is the devil is very convincing when he sends these thoughts to us. I have seen him in operation and project people to what they consider to be "the top" in their professions and he uses things and money to keep them out there in the world. They think that when they become Christians and go to church and live a righteous life they will lose it all!! Hogwash!!!
When people, whether they be preachers, pastors, evangelists, whomever, tell you that you are no longer under the "law" and tell you not to tithe, they are in error, in our opinion, because we believe the whole Word of God, and in Malachi 3:10, God says to bring all your tithes and offerings to the storehouse so there will be meat in my house, and I will open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that you will will not have room enough to contain it. Then, He goes on in Verse 6 and said, and "I will rebuke the devourer for your sake".
Now, if He did not mean it, He would not have said it. Why would He inspire Malachi to put something like that in there if it did not apply to us??? Think about it. Look these Scriptures up for yourselves, and then pray about them . . . . .In Malachi 3:6, God says, "For I am the Lord, I change not . . . . He told us THAT even BEFORE He told us to bring all our tithes and offerings into the storehouse!! He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!
Now, we have heard preachers say that we should give as the Holy Spirit leads us to give. This, also, we believe is true. If we are walking the way we are supposed to be walking and living a holy life and close to God, He will lead us in where and how to give our love offerings, but it still does not release us from the command to give ten percent to His work.
We see evangelists and preachers that pressure people to send in their offerings and they preach what is called a "prosperity message" and though, as we have pointed out, this is a "principle" set up in God's Word, it must be done properly. We believe that your first 10% of your income should go to your church where you go, and and that God will bless you and honor what you give because you are being obedient to His commandment! But, to go further, we believe that anything that we give over and above that 10% is considered to be love offerings, and this is where God really blesses us, as we give because we love Him and want to bless others as He blesses us. We believe and teach that each of us should prayerfully seek God's Wisdom and His desire of where we plant our offerings---it needs to be give to someone (a Minister or Ministry) who is 'feeding you the Word' and that that Ministry is a good one where the Real True Word of God is being taught. That is what is called "fallow ground".
This is what we want to talk about a little today . . . . .There are a lot of reasons that we are not seeing the results that we feel we should see in our lives when we become Christians. Many, many Christians----far too many-----are not seeing any changes in their finances, or in the things that are in need of. There is a reason for that . .somtimes, there are more than one reason. But you see, we must know what the Bible teaches and says about 'prosperity' and we must understand what the word "prosper" really means.
The word 'prosper", according to Webster's Dictionary, means "to thrive or succeed", and the word "prosperity" means, 'economic well-being'.
When we give according to God's commandment to give the first tenth of our income to Him, we are blessed by God for being obedient to His Commandment to do so. Further, anything over and above what we give is where our bigger blessings come from.
Ministries have to have a way of reaching out to a lost and hurting and dying generation, but we MUST be careful, and pray that we are giving to the ones that God is using to further His Kingdom. We must seek His will, and He will lead us and guide us. It is not always money that we can give over and above our tenth . . .sometime, we can be a blessing to others by visiting the sick and shut-ins, we can help a neighbor, we can cook food for someone who is sick and not able to prepare meals. . ..the list can go on and God will ALWAYS bless you for what you do. He said that what "we do unto the least of these, we do unto Him". He sees it all and blesses us accordingly.
A lot of times, we have needs and we just simply cannot figure out in our natural minds how to get those needs met. That is the time when we need to rely on the Scripture in Proverbs 3:5 which says, "lean not upon your own understanding". You see, God's ways are not like ours, and we don't always know HOW He does it, but He will when we obey the commandments He has set forth and abide by the principles by which to live.
We believe and teach that when "What you have in your hand does not meet your need, then what you have in your hand becomes your seed". By that we mean simply this: Let's say you have a bill that is $100, and you only have $75.00. That $75.00 will not pay that $100 bill--there is no way, but when you plant that $75.00 seed to a good Minstry expecting it to grow, then that releases God's hand to bring forth the expected return and meet your $100 need. You see, in order for God to release what He has in His hand, we must release what we have in our hand. We must remember that we must do it with the right heart, and NOT give begrudgingly, but listen to the voice of God, and and do what He says to do . . . . plant your seed according to your need. When you plant corn, you expect a harvest of corn. One seed of corn will usually produce at least two full ears of corn.
Look in Genesis 8:22, (paraphrased) "As long as the earth remains there will always be night and day, summer and winter, and seed time and harvest". When God wanted a family, He planted His own Son!!! Think about it!!! Through the Blood that Jesus shed, there are many many many souls saved--who will join Him in heaven!! It is the same with us . . .when we plant something, we EXPECT a harvest.
The next time you have a need, and what you have doesn't cover all that you need, pray about it, seek God about it, and plant what you DO have and watch how God will supply what you need.
You see, the truth will set you free, but it is the truth that you UNDERSTAND that will set you free. Your faith is what you must release in order to get the blessings of God. When you write out your check, hold that check in your hand, along with your spouse--you must be in agreement, and pray over it and 'plant' that money, which is now your 'seed' EXPECTING a harvest in whatever area your need is. Put on the memo or somewhere on that check what you are planting it expecting to receive. It can be for a family member's salvation, it can be a health problem, it can be for financial needs--whatever it is, pray over it, claim it, and call it in. We know that it is real . . .we have seen it work many, many times--we cannot afford NOT to tithe. We cannot afford NOT to plant our seeds for our needs!! God said . . .he changes not . . .He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.
We are not sending out this message, asking for anyone's money or for anything from anyone. Our job and our assignment in our calling is to present the true Word of God to people, and allow you to make your own choices. God's Word is ALWAYS true . . .He cannot fail, and He cannot lie. DON'T LISTEN TO THE NAYSAYERS!!!!
Yes!! Jesus defeated Satan on the cross, but there is so much more that Jesus has done for each of us, and sometimes, we are just not taught these things. In Hosea 4:6, God said through His prophet Hosea, "My people perish for lack of knowledge". We are trying to make a difference for God's people. It is not God's desire for you to be broke, or lacking or in need of ANYTHING.
For the purpose of this message, we will close, but there are also other things sometimes that keep us from our blessings, and they are called "Curses", and we will present another teaching (or message) reagarding that at another time. These curses, by the way, CAN be broken off your life!
We enjoy receiving your comments, and welcome them, and we pray that we have helped to make a difference in your life.
Contact us if we can be of assistance to you in your walk, and with your studies. We will do our best to answer your questions. All questions are answered by this Ministry, and we prayerfully pray over each and everyone who contacts us with their problems.
May God bless each of you as you study out this message, and it is our prayer that you begin to walk in the blessings that God wants each of you to have.