Harvest Time Deliverance Ministries
He Who the Son Sets Free is Free Indeed
Stop letting the devil beat you up


Some of you need to wake up!!! Don't you see what the enemy (Satan) is doing in your life?

If we can trust God for our salvation for ALL ETERNITY, why can't we trust Him to work out our troubles here on earth in this life?

Anything that disturbs your peace, whether it be an emotional trauma, whether it be stress, whether it be sickness, whether it be spiritual, whether it be financial, whatever the problem--it did NOT come from God!!!

God will never pull you down, and on the other hand, Satan will never, ever lift you up.

People, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal!!! That means that the fight that is before us is not a fleshly battle that we can fihgt!!! It is all a spiritual battle that each and everyone of us live every day, and we must recognize what is of the devil, and what is of God, and to listen to your spiritual leaders!!

When you seek advice from your leaders, whether it be your Pastor, or your elders in the church, or anyone who has been called into a spiritual walk for the Lord, listen to what they tell you, and go home and meditate on it!!! Don't waste your time, and God's servant's time, or God's time by asking, and as soon as you go home, try to do it your way!!! Of course, you need to read your Bible and Study for yourself what the Word of God says, and make sure your leaders are not feeding man's doctrines instead of God's. Man's doctrines are just that---man's doctrines!!!

Get into a church where they teach the true Word of God!!! Don't go to a church that does not teach the True Word of God. It HAS to be the Word of God.

Some of us suffer from things that started back generations ago, and these are called generational curses, and they can be broken, BUT YOU MUST BE WILLING TO LET GOD BREAK THEM!! You have to want them to be gone and to forgive those who caused the curse to placed upon you in the first place.

If you can't recognize what is happening in your life in the Spiritual Realm, that is what you have your Pastor to help you with and to pray with you about, and to counsel with you, but you MUST be will to say, "OK, I believe God is going to do this." It is not a miracle cure that God is going to do, and then you go out and continue to do things the way you want with no regard for the commandments of God. Don't ask for advise and ignore what you're told!

We have spoken to many, many Pastors and Ministers that have come across this problem with people. These men and women are "called" of God, and they know how God feels about specific things, and they know the Word of God.

You will never, ever, get relief from the things that have you in bondage until you let them go. Some of you are so bound up by Satan that you think that is the only way of life and it is never going to change. Satan not only has control of your life, but he has control of your mind, and he keeps placing these strongholds in your mind, and you accept them, and that is when he does his best work.

You have got to learn to take a stand for Jesus, and learn to trust Him to guide you in each and every circumstance, and stop believing that everything that comes your way is "just your luck". Luck has nothing to do with it!!!

The spirit of poverty can be broken off your life--it can stop now!!! The spirit of infirmity and sickness can be broken off your life--it can stop now!!! It not only stops in your life, but it stops with your children--when God breaks that curse that was placed on your family and ancestors before you, it stops!!! So what if you have been sick for years, so what if you have been poor for years, so what if this is the way it has always been??? God says he who the Son sets free is free indeed.

You have to know what that means! To be able to be set free of something, yhou have to understand what it is that you are bound by. I stand up in front of people all the time and see different ones that are so bound that it is a wonder that theya re even able to move and breathe, and the only reason that they are bound and are suffering is because they are allowing it and thinking that they can't do anything about it. They think that that is just the way it is--theya re not as lucky as others. Hogwash!!! That is a lie from the pits of hell, and Satan is selling them a book of goods and they are buying it hook, line, and sinker.

Until you stand up, and say "enough", Satan and his minions are going to keep right on walking all over you and crushing you and interfering with your life and stealing and killing and destroying everything you are putting your hand to.

It DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!!!! Quit trying to figure it out, quit trying to do it the way you always have, quit trying to look other places for relief!!!! Give it to God, but when you do, leave it there.

If you want things to change, and REALLY want things to change, God will supernaturally intervene, and you will immediately start to see a difference in your life and in the lives of your family.

The only way that Satan can do anything in your life and to you is if God allows him to---and God will allow Satan to do it until you say "enough", and turn it over to God, and let Him set you free.

Don't allow the devil to have any more control of you. Sometimes, we have problems or circumstances that we suffer through for years, and sometimes we have seen our families suffer through some things--God will supernaturally intervene on your behalf and you can be totally set free, and live a good life. BUT!!! You have to want a better life, and you have to believe that God can do it. Don't let the devil come back and in and start setting up the strongholds in your mind that got you in that condition in the first place.

You need to think on these things--look it up in the Bible---Study it---Believe it---and let God do it.

Remember that God is no respector of persons, what He does for one, He'll do for you! BUT, Satan will also do it to you if you let him---mo matter who you are!!

The choice is yours!! THINK ON THESE THINGS!!!!!