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World System vs Christianity


Do you know why and what made it possible that we can hold up our hands to God? People of other beliefs do not raise their hands up because their hands are not holy and there is no blood sacrifice. They cannot lift up holy hands because they are not holy, as they do not have the blood applied to them.

But, we as God's people have the privilege to hold up our hands and say Holy unto God, and you know what? God hears it. That's something we have today that a lot of people haven't. We are a privileged people. We are very privileged even just to do that because there are people who would like to do that but they can't because they have not been washed in the Blood.

I would like to go into a part of the Bible today, and it is quite extensive and it is about the Christian's relationship to the world, and it is found in 1 John, Chapter 2. It is in verses 15 through 16. "Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the Father, but of the world."

Now, I would like to break this down just a little bit. First of all the word love in the world --let's go to that word "world"--When you go back to the Greek in which this was written, and the Greek word was cosmos--and that is a word that is often referred to the vast system of this age that we find ourselves living in, which Satan promotes, which exists independent of God.

Now, somebody might say "now wait a minute, preacher, you are telling me that this world that we are living in is independent of God?" Thast's exactly what I am telling you because we are going to find out more about it in the Bible if we'll read it, and it is independent of God.

It consists of not only evil, but immoral and sinful pleasures. It also refers to a spirit of rebellion, resistance, indifference to God. That is what it is full of!! In this age--in this world, in this time we are living in right now I know it has been rampant, and it has existed as far as we can remember back, but there's a certain particular time that we are living in right now that is far worse than what our fathers or forefathers have come up against yet. In this age, Satan uses the world's ideas, the morality, the philosophies, the psychology, the desires, the government, the cultures, the education, the science, the art, the music, medicines, the economic systems, the entertainment, the mass media, religion, sports, agriculture--he uses all of these to oppose God, His people, His Word, and His righteous standards.

Let me give you an example: This is how Satan uses the Medical Profession--He uses it to advocate and promote the killing of the unborn. Now you think about this. I was listening to the radio and listening to the dilemma that Doctors was in today. Several years back, we had a Supreme Court decision of Roe Vs.Wade saying that a woman has a right to abort a fetus, it's not a life, it's nothing until it is born--in other words it's in God's face, it's not a life, it is just something that came into being eventually.

They've had a battle ever since then--those who were for it and who were against it--they've had it shoved down their throats---the church has made a stand on it and now we are seeing people come to the point where they don't like especially this partial birth abortion--they've even vindicated that and say well you know that's fine too--we'll go along with that, and people are really having a hard problem with it. So now they've come up with research for years in the drug industry on; and they're saying we've got all these problems with stem-cell research--all these things we might someday come in to, all these cures, and all these things for alzheimers, and they have all this, this, and this. They say one of these days you might be in a nursing home and you might suffer from alzheimer's and you will really be glad that did all the research with the stem cells. You see, they didn't stop there. They decided that --you know these stem cells are hard to come by--we've got a whole supply of these aborted fetuses, and we can take eggs and we can fertilize them and we can keep them growing and re-clone them and re-clone them and we'll use them.

You see, it's the medical profession that says that we have to have these things. There's not been one cure come out of it. But they're saying, "we might one of these days. Let's just keep on aborting and keep on killing and let's just do all this for science." That is one of the professions. Another profession I spoke of besides the medical profession is agriculture. Someone says "well, how in the world can agriculture play into the hand of the enemy today. Well, how do you get sour mash? You know, it is not up there on Mt. Pilot all the time. It comes out of corn. What do you think they are doing over there in Afghanistan over there? They don't have wheat crops, they don't have corn crops, they don't have bean crops. You know what kind of crops they have over there? Poppy!! That's where they make "snow and blow"! That's their industry. See, Satan uses everything in this world at his disposal. That's the world system. What I am trying to do is set some things apart.

We live in this world, but we don't have to be a part of it. First of all, we have to know who is the leader of this. His name is Satan. He's the god of this world system. He controls it along with the host of his angelic followers. Satan has organized the world in it's cultural, political, economic, and religious systems, and they are enabling, hostile, to God and not only to God's people, but to God's Word. They don't pull any bones about it--they hate God, they hate God's people, and they hate His Word! They're openly against it.

How many times have you turned on the TV and you've read something and it flew all over you. You felt it rising up inside you? That's indignation--it's a righteous indignation, and we're allowed to have that. Somebody said you are not allowed to lose your temper and get mad. We can have a righteous indignation, as long as we don't get out here and sin in the process. We have every right to voice our opinion and I do voice it sometimes. But, that is a righteous indignation that comes up; and I can watch on the news sometimes, and something will come up like this stem-cell research, and I get so upset because I can see what the enemy is trying to do. He is circumventing God's Word. He's trying to get around morality. He's trying to get around what people years ago set as things you can do and things that you can't do. Things that are responsible, and things that are irresponsible, and they're trying to get around all these things so they can go ahead get all these things on their agenda done. What is Satan's agenda? To destroy and wipe out everything that God has created, especially in His image.

That is the bottom line. If he can kill babies, then he can wipe out the human race that way! And we're sitting by and just letting him do it. I get an indignation just thinking about that! When I think about the people that don't bother to go to the polls because they are too lazy!! Actually, I can't help it! There are a lot of things we allow to be done to us and want to sit around and gripe about it but we won't get up ourselves and go do anything about it. We need, as a people, to realize that as long as we have rights--we should claim them--some of them have not been taken away from us, but they are slowly disappearing, and the majority of the people are allowing a handful of people to dictate to them how they are going to live their life.

That's exactly what is happening!! We will sit around and say "I don't like it, but I ain't gonna do anything about it--I don't want to get up and I don't want to go down there and vote--my vote don't count anyway"! I've heard that a lot. Somebody's counts because those that don't vote, don't count! And these people, the devil's crowd, when they have an agenda, they will get out there and "push it". .

Somewhere, we took a fork in the road, and we haven't found out where to get off that road yet. We still haven't found out how we are going to get back on the main stretch. When the blacktop comes off into gravel, that isn't so bad, but when that gravel road goes off into a dirt road, and then a goat path, something's going on. You've missed the mark somewhere. You've gone off the main drag. This is where we are at today.

If you don't believe that Satan hasn't organized this into a political, and cultural, and economic and a religious system---read John 7:7, this is Jesus talking, "The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil. Then go to John 15:18. Jesus said, "If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. Now, who is He talking to? Who is Jesus talking to? Christians!! We don't have a choice--we live here, but if we don't have any problem living here and we don;'t have any problems in life and everybody loves us and thinks that we are the greatest that came down the road since apple pie, something's wrong. Something's wrong!!! My Bible tells me that if we are living according to what the Word says there are going to be certain people who hate you for what you stand for.

There was a story I heard about one time where there was this preacher and there was a man of prestige and wealth and power who went against this preacher and what he stood for, and the preacher couldn't understand why. Why? Because this guy was a sinner --and that thing that motivated him--hated righteousness. He couldn't tell you why exactly he hated the man--he just thought it and he acted on it--because he had the power and the authority to do it. Why do you think that these people who have all these agendas and getting things done--what do you think the bottom line is? How do you think they are doing that? So they can have more freedom? Not necessarily--it's so that you can have less freedom. So that they can start strangulating what is coming off the pulpit up here--because the day will come whenever I say something they don't like--they will call it a "hate spirit". And there will be a day when they can come in here and suspend your civil liberties--they will arrest you, and take you to jail. That's right!! Then, you won't have a say!

That is the bottom line. They want to completely shut the mouth of every preacher, of every Christian. Every Christian can't go and do what they're supposed to do because there's a law against it. That is what Satan would like to do. If he can't make you do it by force, he would like to legislate it where you can't say anything about anything unless it is immoral, then you can do whatever you want to. Because there you are working in the world standards--the world system. We're supposed to be pilgrims. What is a pilgrim? Somebody that is in a strange land. We're just passing through. Look in Hebrews 11:13, where it says "These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. Now, let's look at 1 Peter 2:11, where it says, "Dearly beloved, I beseech you as strangers and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly lusts, which war against the soul. Now, turn to John 15:19 --Jesus said, "If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

So we are to be strangers and pilgrims in the land that we are just passing through, but we have got to come out of the world because He called us out of the world. But, we live in the world. Loving the world defiles our fellowship with God and leads to our spiritual destruction. You know we can love the world. I'm not talking about going hiking and loving the mountains and the forests--that is not what I am talking about. That is loving creation, and that is something that God created for us. I am talking about the world. Do we love the world? You see, you can't be two people in the same body. You can't. That's what a lot of Christians are trying to do. They are trying to maintain just enough spirituality to maintain their positions in church, but on the other hand they are over here wanting to be a part of the world. I'm telling you something--the world hates you, it hates who you are and what you stand for and it will not tolerate your saying anything while you are on their turf..

Now, if you can compromise your spirituality so you can get by with what is going on in this world, then that is a decision that you will have to make. But let it be known that if you make that kind of decision that the ramifications and consequences that follow will cause you to fall from what you have with God. You can't keep righteousness and unrighteousness in the same body. Many people try to do that and they are miserable. That's why you see a lot of long-faced people walk into church on Sunday morning and you see them walk out the same way. Because while they were sitting inside the church, they decided they weren't going to decide.

"Well, it's been like this for so long, and I'm accustomed to it, and I'm not going to go around and talk about Jesus and I'm not going to jeaopardize it by telling people I go to a Pentecost Church, I'm not jeopardize it by telling people that I've been talking in tongues, I 'm not gonna jeopardize my position because I believe in healing and I believe in miracles and the gifts of the Spirit in operation. Why, if I told people that, they'd think I'm crazy!!" So WHAT!! SO WHAT!!!??? They think you are crazy anyway. If you took a poll, they would probably tell you that you are.

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that I didn't care what people thought. This is how I learned how to grow. When someone asked me how I read the Bible and study it and retain, I'd say, . I'll tell you how!!! It wasn't because I have a great mind!! I'll tell you that right now! It isn't because I have a set time and am going to study for a couple hours. I haven't got a set time or schedule. But, one thing I do, I am diligent in studying. When I first started out, I would carry my Bible with me to work; and when it came break time, instead of going where all the other guys were around the water fountain and listening to all their stories about their exploits and fun they had the night before, I sat over by myself, pulled my Bible out and I read and I studied. A lot of times, I could hear them laughing, and making jokes about that "fanatic" that was over there reading the Word. You know, God comes to you in times like that. He will open up the Word to you. Why? Because you are obedient and because you are willing to take a stand in the face of adversity, and you are sitting there studying and God reveals Himself to you. Let 'em laugh!! Let 'em make fun of ya! But, in the process while they are over there making fun, you are sitting over here growing, and you are getting things from God, they will probably never have.

Where are they at today? I don't know where they are at, but I can tell you where I am. I'm not waiting until I can get to the water fountain at work and tell all about my exploits I did over the weekend. That's not where I am at!! A lot of people do that. Can't wait to get to work so they can brag about what they did on Saturday night at the taverns. They brag about how drunk they got!!!

I knew a man who would go out and get on "drunks" and stay on "drunks" for days at a time, and he spent the rest of the time--maybe he would do that once about every three months, and he spent the rest of the time trying to make up to people and apoligize to people for things that he heard that he had done. What kind of a life is that? I'd hate to live like that!! Then you'd have to go and apologize to people who you really don't like to start with, but you go to them anyway and apologize so that you can get along with them. We can't even get Christians to do that!!

That is not a very good life style. But that is what people look forward to. I learned a long time ago, when I was Personnel Manager of a big company in Southern Florida that Mondays and Fridays were just an extension of Saturday. You don't expect people to show up on Monday because they were so "hung over" that they weren't much on the job, and then on Friday, all they could think and talk about was what they were going to do on Saturday, so you didn't get much out of them. So what you could squeeze out between the times---well, it was not productivity!! How many millions of dollars do you think are lost because of that? But that's the world's system. That's under Satan's authority under his domain--that's the way people want to operate--they enjoy doing that! It's just a way of life in South Florida.

What kind of life is that? Wake up on Sunday morning with booze and vomit on you. You should be thinking about all the blessings you have of the Lord, and how much you love Him, but instead, your head just goes to throbbing and all you can think of is the misery you are going through. This is all a part of the world system. And if you are operating in that system, you should do something about it today!!! Don't put it off!! Ask God to come into your life and cleanse you and get your life straightened up. He's just a prayer away!! Don't put it off!! You may not have another tomorrow!!! Don't wait til it is too late!